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REACH - Roles of authorities

The authorities’ roles will change dramatically as a result of the REACH Regulation as the burden of proof for documenting the safe use of chemicals will, in the future, lie with the manufacturing industry.


The roles of authorities will mainly be:


· Control of dossiers / chemical safety assessments


· Assessment of chemicals


· Approval


· Banning and usage restrictions (as now)


Basically, the responsibility for implementing and enforcing the Regulation will continue to lie with the national authorities, but the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) will have the very important responsibility of coordinating, administrating and implementing whole scope of REACH.


Some of the ECHA’s specific roles are shown here:

Related to registration:

· Receiving pre-registrations and registrations

· Compiling groups of manufacturers or importers of the same substances to ensure data sharing


Related to assessment:

· Assessing whether the registration includes all the required data

· Assessing/validating at least 5% of the registrations

· Assessing the necessity and relevance of the proposed tests

· Preparing an action plan for timing the assessment of specific chemical substances


Related to approval system:

· Practical administration of the approval system

· Continuously updating the list of substances that fulfil the requirements as candidates for the approval system.