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Safety Data Sheets

An important set of Directives exists regarding the preparation of information Safety Data Sheets (SDS):


Commission Directive 91/155/EEC of 5 March 1991 defining and laying down the detailed arrangements for the system of specific information relating to dangerous preparations in implementation of Article 10 of Directive 88/379/EEC (click here for the full document in English; Other languages)

as amended by Directives 93/112/EEC and Directive 2001/58/EC, sets out the requirements for the information which should be included in a Safety Data Sheet.

The European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry is responsible for these Directives.

The main purpose of Safety Data Sheets is to enable employers to determine whether any dangerous chemicals are present in the workplace, and to assess whether there is any risk to the health and safety of workers and/or to the environment arising from their use.

The Safety Data Sheet referred to in Article 1 of Directive 91/155/EEC must contain the following obligatory headings:

1. Identification of a substance/preparation and of the company/undertaking

2. Composition of/information about ingredients

3. Hazard identification

4. First aid measures

5. Fire-fighting measures

6. Accidental release measures

7. Handling and storage

8. Exposure controls/personal protection

9. Physical and chemical properties

10. Stability and reactivity

11. Toxicological information

12. Ecological information

13. Disposal considerations

14. Transport information

15. Regulatory information

16. Other information

It is particularly important to note that the data sheets are also required to mention the risk classification phrases pertaining to types of chemical risk, in accordance with EU Directives 1999/45/EC and 2001/60/EC about the classification and labelling of substances, such that the above Directive, and the classification and labelling Directives are linked.



From 1 June 2007, the preparation of Safety Data Sheets must follow the revised requirements in the REACH Regulation.


The new format will be in accordance with GHS, the

Globally Harmonised System of classification and labelling of chemicals.


Read more about GHS here.